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Space Bags Update – Day 2

Note: This is Part 3 of “Does it work? Space Bags“. Click here for Part 1 or Part 2.
I checked my Space Bags this morning to see whether any of them were still compressed. As you may recall, two of the three bags were full of air yesterday morning. Well, this morning only one of the bags was full of air. 
See the one on the right full of air and the other two compressed.

I noticed that the bag said I could “roll out the air” instead of using the vacuum cleaner so I tried this with the bag that has yet to stay compressed. I started at the zip top and rolled the bag down. The air did leave the bag although I am not sure how it was getting out. Very strange indeed.

The Space Bag on the right was compressed using the “rolled out” method.


I can hardly wait to check the bags in the morning to see if rolling the air out really works. If not, do you have any suggestions?