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Animal Instincts

On Friday afternoon, Dan the Eagle visited Emily’s preschool. I believe Dan was a mascot for an insurance company, not entirely sure. All I know is that he brought cookies. More on that in a minute.

So according to the teacher, Emily started screaming and crying as soon as Dan the Eagle came into the room. The teacher eventually covered Emily’s face with a folder and she settled down a bit.

The funny part is that Dan brought cookies as I mentiond earlier. Even though Emily screamed and cried at the Eagle, she still wanted to eat his cookies. Typical!!!

Speaking of Animals …

Speaking of animals, Madison’s class is going to the zoo on Wednesday. Nanny asked Emily if she wanted to go to the zoo too and Emily said “Okay but I’ll wait in the car.” Haha, and she also said that they would have to keep the windows closed.

Apparently Emily does not like animals – real or un-real.