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Colorful Eggs

It’s really nice to have something to talk about besides fires. I was going to post this on Saturday night, but the power kept flickering and I kept losing internet connection. It sorta loses the effect since Easter has already passed, but I’m still going to do this in two posts.

Read on …

On Saturday night, Emily and I dyed Easter eggs. It’s a little late, but we’ve had A LOT going on. We normally buy the basic PAAS egg coloring kit, but it has SO many color tablets and that just makes it a pain. This year, we got a very small dye kit that had 5 cups and 5 color tablets.

I read the directions carefully. Emily helped me measure out the vinegar and the warm water into each cup. Every color got the vinegar except the pink cup.

I let Emily drop the tablets into the cups. Blue goes in the blue cup. Yellow goes into to yellow cup. Green goes into the green cup. Pink goes into the light pink cup (with the water only). Red goes into the dark pink cup. Wait .. the water in the pink (water only) cup is turning orange .. and the water in the dark pink cup is … doing nothing! This is when I realized my mistake. I obviously mixed up the tablets.

I took the light pink cup to the sink and dumped it out. The tablet was breaking apart but not coloring the water. I decided to use regular red food coloring to make pink water and hope .. HOPE that pink water would color the eggs pink.

Getting a close-up look

All beautiful!

Waiting is nerve-racking!
11 happy eggs. (One cracked)

Then we set out a plate of snacks for the Easter Bunny. Emily picked out a bunch of goodies that the Easter Bunny will surely love. (I was laughing. Dad is so in charge of eating that.)

Then we ready The Story of Easter. Grandaddy and Grandmother sent Emily this book in her Easter package and she loves it.
Then one little girl went to sleep and one bunny brought a big basket full of goodies.

It is seriously full of goodies!


Tuesday 14th of April 2009

Those eggs look great!! I love the bright and beautiful colors. I had to laugh at the Easter Bunny food...too cute what she decided to set out for him. WOW and I love that basket full of goodies (Mmmm yummy).