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Cubbies Countdown

The Cubbies Countdown has officially begun!

Only two more weeks of Cubbies club left, at least until next fall. I must admit that I will be glad when Cubbies is over. I like Cubbies and I like interacting with the kids, but sometimes the nights are long and hard.

This week was definitely better than last week. Last week was so bad that I couldn’t even blog about it. This week was better even though we had a “major” accident in the bathroom. Not really a toilet accident, but someone hit their head really hard on the trashcan. Not really sure how this happened, but he was screaming really loud when he came out of there. Then when I was leaving tonight, I overhead one of our little girls telling her mother that something was hurting. I will admit that I hurried out of there without even stopping to ask.

Well, tomorrow night is Emily’s program at preschool. I’m excited to see what they do and what songs they sing. I hope she is not too nervous, but I know the program will be cute. I wish everyone could come!