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Pink: The Color of the Day

Today, Emily and I helped with a baby shower for Mike’s cousin, Kim. She’s having a girl in a few weeks and she got a lot of really nice things. I think tiny baby clothes are just getting cuter and cuter.

Mom-to-be and the hostesses

Mom-to-be and the Junior Hostesses
Three Generations (Three and a half?) The Yummy Cake with all that Ooey Gooey Icing
Diaper Cake and the super cute cookies

Hand-dipped Chocolate Strawberries
Crackers/cheese/fruit tray

Party Favors
Lots of sweet presents for Mom and Baby
Basket on the welcome table
Kim, Mom-to-be

I have lots of other pictures. It was hard to pick just a few to share tonight. But I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all. (And we won’t name names, but one party attendee went INTO a house with the same house number, but on a different street where ANOTHER party was being held. The little boy at the other birthday party sure would have been disappointed if he opened up that gift with all the cute little girly clothes in it though. Hi-lar-ious!)

Nanny and Poppa

Sunday 5th of April 2009

Yes, we had a great party. Everthing turned out great. JoAnn did a great job on tearing out the baby. It was so cute.

Thanks Jennifer for taking alot of great pictures.

Thanks Again.