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The Tale of the Pantyho

Note: I promise this is a clean story. If you were expecting something else, I’m sorry but you won’t find that here.

Last night, Emily spent the night with her Nanny and Pops. On the way to their house, we stopped by McD’s to get her a Happy Meal for supper. As we were waiting in the drive-through, I was talking to Emily in the mirror from the passenger seat. I noticed she had her feet propped up on the back of the seat and something was on one foot. I said “Emily, what’s that on your foot?” She said “It’s my PANTYHO! It’s not YOUR pantyho. It’s MY pantyho!” I turned to look and she had on one of my knee-high stockings!

Mike and I were both cracking up. How clever … if you have ’em on both legs, they’re pantyhose. If you only have ’em on one leg, it’s obviously a pantyho.

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Wednesday 8th of April 2009

LOL soooooo funny! She sounds adorable!