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To sing or not to sing. That is the question.

To sing or not to sing.  That is the question.

Last night was Emily’s spring program at her preschool.Add Video Before the program, we got together with Mike’s family and went to eat at a local Mexican restaurant.

Side note about dinner: Mike and Emily and I went to this same restaurant recently and they made Emily a gingerbread man-shaped sopapilla. So last night, I asked our waiter if he could make her a gingerbread man-shaped sopapilla. And he looked at me like I was crazy. Like really crazy. Not just a little crazy. And Mike looked at me like I was a little crazay. But … he ended up bringing her two gingerbread man-shaped sopapillas .. a boy and a girl. Nice!

So after the restaurant, we went over to the church and Emily changed clothes in the car while Nanny and Pops and Madison went to save us some seats. I know it’s just a preschool program, but those seats fill up fast and people are not shy about saving all the prime seats for their friends and family.

I tried to get some pictures of Emily in the lobby before her program, but she was pretty distracted by all the kids and parents that were walking through there.

I can’t believe I actually got a picture of her looking toward the camera.

I had a really hard time getting pictures or video during the actual program. Some of the teachers were standing in the way and some other heads were in my way.
Being a bunch of three-year-olds, everyone has to wave at their family and friends before they can perform. Of course.

This is not a good picture of Emily, but check out the little boy standing next to her. This is her little friend Brady. I keep hearing that he’s recently taken a liking to Emily. I’m not sure what she thinks about him though

So did Emily sing with her class? What did they sing? Well I can tell you that one of the sings was “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. But did Emily sing? You’ll have to wait until I get the videos uploaded (on Monday, I hope.)
I will give you this hint .. Emily looked beautiful and she did a really good job. Her Daddy and I were very proud of her.