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What I’ve learned about Jon and Sherry Rivers

What I’ve learned about Jon and Sherry Rivers

I’ve learned quite a few things about Jon and Sherry Rivers in the last few weeks.

Some of them are shocking. Some of them are downright unbelievable.

Did you know that Sherry may not be married to Jon?

She may be married to Jim.

Or she may be married to Rick.

But she may be married to Mike.

AND no matter who she’s married to, their last name might not be Rivers.

In fact, it might be Smith! Or Jones!

Oh the scandal!

There’s a rumor going around that Jon and Sherry are getting a divorce.

No, they’re not getting divorced, they are divorced.

But not only are they divorced, but they were also fired by Klove due to this.

And not only were they fired from Klove because of this divorce, but Klove is also covering up their firing because of the sheer embarrassment.

And besides the divorce and the scandalous cover-up, they are also moving from their home/ranch deep in the heart of Texas (no, Colorado … No, California … No, Texas).

And where are they moving to?

Well, they’re moving to Nashville. Why are they moving to Nashville, you may ask?

Because, of course, Jon is recording the song(s) that he wrote.

And he may have possibly joined a band.

No, not joining a band.

He’s forming a band.

I know it’s all so hard to believe, but that’s what I’ve read on the internet in the past couple weeks.

And you know the internet is always right. Right? Hello? *crickets chirping in the background*


All insight was gleaned by analyzing web searches regarding Jon and Sherry Rivers.

All or none of this may be factual. I

t is, in fact, all for fun and is fully intended to hurt no one.

To Jon and Sherry Rivers: If you’re reading this, lots of people miss hearing you every morning on Klove.

We hope you all are well.

I am, of course, only speaking for myself.


Thursday 17th of February 2022

I loved Jon and Sherri

I love K-LOVE. However I only wonder why they just Play the same songs over and over I know they do because I leave K-LOVE on all day 24/7 to keep my dogs company and it’s like it’s on a circle Lovin K-LOVE though


Wednesday 11th of January 2012

This was a random post. I am assuming you are being sarcastic. I know them personally. I know the real story. They are back on air again with American Family Radio. Select Live Stream and click Music. They are on 12-2PM MST.


Friday 7th of October 2011

Bonehead. Sounds like grounds for a slander suit. They are not only married, they are (still) doing the 'Top 20 Countdown' program together.


Thursday 6th of January 2011

wow - I know the pain of an absent father from my veiw point and from a mother's veiw. I feel that anyone with God in thier hearts must feel overwhelmed to fix past mistakes - and broken bonds with your family mainly YOUR children. and YOUR childern should come first before adopting one. I do pray for this entire family- all of it. I miss hearing the "Rivers" on the radio. I was saddend when they left the air, but it was for a reason - I pray that God will work on him in all manners of his life. It must be hard on you as his siter too. Just know that he may need an 'eye opener' from other christians/fans.

Laverne Smith Mogus

Saturday 14th of August 2010

There is indeed much speculation, however I do NOT speculate. I am a biological sister to Gary Smith a/k/a Jon Rivers. I have sympathy for his "prescripion" problem, however I believe if he would interact and/or acknowledge ALL of his children by his two former wives he would be completely restored. He has children who are not even acknowledged by him and his "bride"; also, he has grandchildren he has never met or seen. How sad. Gary Smith was borh in Memphis, Tennesee and has 8 siblings, all of whom are not acknowledged by Gary Smith. I don't personly care but I am sorry his children he left behind have suffered and my heart is sad for Gary Smith/aka/ Jon Rivers for causing such pain to his own children. I especially hurt when his grown daughter, Dawn, who is severely challenged mentally looks every day from a letter from her Daddy and the letter never comes. Their hearts are broken and the pain he has left behind is exceedingly sad. Gary needs to come down from his "high horse", love his children, MEET his precious grandchildren and realize that they are his blood. Good for Lexie but lets not forget the other children!! I have one precious son and NOTHING can and will ever keep me from loving him and interacting in his life. It is so enriching. This is not meant to hurt Garyjon but to point out that prescription rehabilitation will NOT cure the vacuum in his life from total separation from his own blood children, whom he helped to bring into this world. Come on Gary, man up and love your children. Your siblings don't care, your children do and oh how they need you!! Laverne Smith Mogus