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What was this Dixie Chick thinking?

Have you seen this picture of the Dixie Chicks lead singer, Natalie Maines?

  1. Is this picture really her?
  2. If so, what was she thinking with that haircut? Wow, it is really short! Looks more like a boy haircut than a girl haircut. She used to have gorgeous, long hair but now it’s apparently all gone. [Luckily] it’s just hair and it will grow back.

What do YOU think? Love it or leave it?


Monday 28th of September 2009

I think it's amazingly hot... And good for her for not conforming to society's standard of beauty. major props. She is beautiful because she is herself and not afraid to show it.


Sunday 5th of April 2009

OMGosh, I totally saw that picture in the Peoples magazine today and about flipped my lid. I was screaming to my husband to come and look and asked him what she was thinking. He said that she evidentially wasn't thinking (lol). You wonder if there is a reason behind it - ya know? Just strange to go from long and pretty to short and not so cute!!