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Where are Jon and Sherry Rivers?

As you know, I’m a big fan of Klove radio. I listen to it in my car on the way to and from work.

I have a long drive (about 45 minutes each way) so it’s really nice to have some good music in the car.

I like going on their website to look at their list of Top Songs and Recently Played Songs.

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Sometimes I like the song but I can’t remember the name of it.

Kinda hard to find a song on iTunes if you can’t remember what it’s called or who sings it.

Every morning, I always enjoy listening to Jon and Sherry Rivers on the radio.

For the past week or so, they’ve had Lisa Williams on the radio in the mornings.

On Monday morning, I heard Lisa say something about the Rivers family taking some time off but I didn’t catch exactly what she said.

This morning, the president of KLove Mike Novak was on with a recorded message that the Rivers are dealing with family issues.

Text of the note from Mike Novak:

You’ve probably heard by now and noticed that Jon & Sherry aren’t on K-LOVE anymore.

They are dealing with family issues and while we wish we could say more we simply can’t.

Many of you are wondering “Have Jon and Sherry been fired?”.

No, that is simply not true.

This life situation developed between Jon and Sherry apart from K-LOVE.

Again, Jon and Sherry are dealing with family issues and while we wish we could say more we simply can’t.

I know all of this sounds vague and I wish that it was clearer but right now it’s not.

We are respecting the privacy of people who have been part of our radio family for years and that respect is paramount right now.

When we hear an update from Jon and Sherry we’ll pass it along to you and at that point we will both know more.

In the meantime, we will soon provide an opportunity at to share your feelings, hopes and prayers for Jon and Sherry.

I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m praying for their family.

I really enjoyed their morning show and hope they come back to Klove soon.

So I’ll pose the question to you … what happened to Jon and Sherry Rivers?

Does anyone have any insight?


Monday 30th of November 2009

John and Sherri are not getting a Divorce!

John wrote this letter on Klove:


We wanted to start this update by saying thank you. Thank you for the encouraging e-mails, notes and your prayers for us as a family.

We realize that we have not given you much detail about all that has been happening with us, and that our quick exit from the K-LOVE Morning Show left many confused, but that has not stopped our radio family from relentless prayers and intercession and for that we are eternally grateful.

Sherry, Lexi, and I have been on quite a journey the past few months. All of the hardship that has come our way has been due to an addiction that I have had to prescription drugs for the last several years. Yes, this is completely my fault. Sherry, Lexi, or K-LOVE had nothing to do with the events that occurred.

For seemingly impossible to treat headaches I was prescribed powerful pain medications a few years ago and for some time now I have slowly and gradually walked down a dark and deadly road.

This road led me farther away from my family, my friends, my co-workers and even my faith. It led me further away than I ever realized was possible.

But thanks to my brave wife who was willing to wake me up to the reality of who I had become, I was able to get the help I desperately needed. Real help. The kind of help where people tell you the truth about this illness called addiction and force you to look into the mirror and then give you the tools to recover.

But most importantly, the kind of Spiritual help that has filled me with hope again. Rather than allowing my faith to become the very source of accountability and healing and clearing away the wreckage of my past so that God could reach a compartmentalized part of my Soul, I hid what was really happening from almost everyone. I so busied myself with work, our show on K-LOVE and ministering that I did not allow God to minister to me, nor did I really know how to let God heal me until I went in for treatment at a place where the Spiritual road to recovery was taught. Over the past few months, I have begun a journey that is leading me to complete healing. It’s a process that I’m committed to following through, for me and for my family.

Well ... that was the situation with the old Jon Rivers. The new Jon Rivers is committed to being a rigorously honest man. Happy, joyous and free, who confesses to you that I did not have what it took to find healing myself. But the good news is, I know who does. His name is Jesus. And by His wounds we can be healed. The road to recovery is a long and challenging road, but it is well worth it.


Wednesday 23rd of September 2009

There is an update from Jon and Sherry on K-love's website now concerning their absence. Here's a link:


Saturday 11th of July 2009

Jon and Sherry have posted a letter to the listeners on the KLOVE web site. As stated above Jon admitted to an addiction to prescription medications that were prescribed to him for headaches. Nothing illegal. This happened to a real person just like it could happen to any of us or any one we love. I hope this puts to rest all the rumors and assumptions. They are truly lovely people and I love the spirit they exude on air. I am still praying for their family and pray they will be back when they get through this. God will bring them through with a great testimony. Read his letter and see what a "lovely bride" Sherry realy is and what a strong marriage is. Be blessed!


Thursday 9th of July 2009

I found out why they were off air. Jon was on an addition to prescription drugs. Maybe they will come back.


Friday 3rd of July 2009

I'm just so glad they're off the air. Time for some fresh blood. They were so stinking boring anyway. the same thing day after day. What ever the reason, they're gone... happy day