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Finders Keepers

When someone leaves stuff laying out in my yard, I automatically fill it with flowers. I wonder if someone will come looking for their boot? Hmmmm …

I sure hope not because I won’t have a place to put my hibiscus and my mandevilla and my other little plant. And it looks really nice next to my red garden wagon.

And speaking of the wagon, I finally got some plants to go in it. I went with a red theme … red caladiums and some other kind of red “star flower” along with a bit of snake plant and a couple other things.
I think the wagon turned out really cute. I just hope I can keep the pots watered well this summer. They are a bit on the small side so I think they’ll take daily watering to stay alive.
I also found this little plant in the discount bin at the garden center this weekend. I call it the squiggly plant. Any idea what variety this might be?
And one parting shot … one of my favorites … Wave petunias spilling out of a hanging basket. And they smell so sweet? Don’t believe me? Wish I could put them on smellovision for you all.


Wednesday 20th of May 2009

Love your flowers and your boot is cute! I have to old work boots sitting in my flowerbed and I have hens and chicks in mine. They are cute!!