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Berry Good

Last night when we got home, Emily and I went to check on all of our flowers. One of the “flowers” that we planted last year actually turned out to be a strawberry plant. I knew the plant looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it at the time. I believe the plant tag said something about a geranium, but I knew what it was the instant I planted it.

So last night, we noticed that one of the stawberries was getting ripe and we decided to go ahead and pick it before the yard bunnies got it.

Emily was so excited. She picked it herself and we took it inside and washed it.Then she ate it in tiny little bites. All the way down to the stem. Nothing left but the green stem.
I don’t like strawberries. At all. But I tried it anyway and I didn’t think it was very sweet. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure if strawberries are supposed to be sweet or not. I can’t get past all the little seeds.