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Cruising Together

On Sunday, we went downtown to ride the Water Taxis on the Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal. We were the first customers at the water taxi stand and so we got a boat all to ourselves. Well, except for the driver/tour guide, of course.

One of a long group of bronze statues depicting the land run .. the boomers and the sooners.

Carter liked the boat ride too.Largest waterfall in Oklahoma City … or was it in Oklahoma? And the second largest waterfall is also on the Bricktown Canal.The Devon Energy Mosaic .. thousands of little tiles

Emily and Grandmother checking out the sights
Heather caught me trying to take her picture

The fam

After we looked around Bricktown for a bit, we checked out Bass Pro Shop before we headed to lunch at Texas Roadhouse. I ordered a sirloin and loaded sweet potato … caramel sauce and toasted marshmallows. Ohhh yum!Then after a little more playing and a short nap for the littlest kid, everyone was on their way back home. And we were on our way to a nice long nap.It was a busy weekend, but very fun. And now it’s over … at least until next year.