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Emily’s 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had Emily’s 4th Birthday Party at a local bowling alley.

We had pizza and coke for lunch (I’m from Arkansas .. it’s coke no matter what variety it might be. In Oklahoma, they’re more likely to call it pop but it will always be coke to me.)
And after lunch we had the cake that Emily picked out. She said she wanted butterflies and flowers and a rainbow on her cake. I asked for “extra puffy” clouds on each end of the rainbow. Maybe a bit of an ulterior motive there because I love Love LOVE the buttercream frosting. We got the cake from Johnnies Bakery in case you’re local and wondering. We have used them several times and they have always done a great job for us.
We also got a couple dozen sugar cookies with royal icing. I think I am more pleased with the way this batch of cookies looked than in years past. I like the colors and the unique pattern on each cookie.
Fortunately/unfortunately, the leftover cake and cookies came to our house. I was able to send quite a bit of it home with my out-of-town family though. That’s a good thing because I nearly made myself sick on that yummy icing this afternoon.
All the kids and several of the adults played a few games of bowling while we were there. Emily and her friends had a good time bowling. Some of them used a ramp to roll the ball down the lane. Some of them rolled it down. Mason especially liked the bowling and didn’t want to stop.
I’m not sure who won all the games, but I heard that Cornelia won one game and Daniel won one.

Heather, Stephen and Cornelia waiting for a turn.
Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and Emily blew out her candles … with a little help from Tyler.

Then Emily opened her presents. She got a lot of Barbie toys and clothes and accessories. She also got some coloring/fingerpainting/chalking stuff which she really enjoys. She has wanted to fingerpaint every day so far. She also got some roller skates and a Barbie bicycle and helmet and much more! Her Pops (Mike’s Dad) told us today that he put her bike together so she’ll be ready to ride tomorrow. The bicycle will probably stay over at Mike’s parents so that she can ride it when she’s over there with Madison. This will be my first experience teaching a little girl how to ride a bike. Do you have any advice that will help us get started?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take many pictures with my camera at the party. Mike helped me out and took some pictures for me. I know that a lot of other people took pictures at the party so maybe they will send me some more.After the party, we headed back out to our house with my Mom, Daniel and Cornelia and the boys, Heather and Stephen to play/rest and hang out. We had lots of fun activities for the kids and “kids at heart.” But more on that later …