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Every Day with Stephanie

Every Day with Stephanie

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Poor little Stephanie was a dirty girl. (Somehow) I convinced Emily to help me give her a bath today after lunch. Well, convincing her to help me with the bath was not hard. Convincing her to leave Stephanie in the tub while Emily went to take a nap was the hard part. In case you wanna know, I used Tide laundry detergent and Oxyclean and a lot of elbow grease.

And then after Emily got in bed for her nap, I put Stephanie in the washing machine with a load of bed sheets. And then after she was done spinning in the washer, I put her in the dryer on low. But she was making too much of a racket thumping around in there so I took her out and wrapped her in a towel.

When Emily got up from her nap, she immediately went to the sink to look for Stephanie. She was a little concerned about why I took her out of the bath and I said I took her out because she was crying. Why? Because she was not expecting her mama to take such a long nap.
Tonight, we were driving in the car and listening to Emily’s current favorite song – Sweeter (aka Every Day with You Lord). Not familiar with that song? Here’s a video.
Then after the song was over, Mike and Emily started making up their own silly verses and lauuuuuuuughing.
“Every day, every day with Stephanie … Every day, Stephanie drinks a bottle!”
“Every day, every day with Stephanie … Every day, Stephanie plays with Barbies!”
“Every day, every day with Stephanie … Every day, Stephanie takes a shower!”
And on .. and on … and on .. and on 🙂
Oh, to be four and imaginitive and silly!