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Our New Addition

Goodbye 19 inches

Hello 57 inches

(sorry about the glare on the screen)

This week, we got this big new TV from Mike’s parents. Theirs was replaced under warranty and the MFG did not want the old one back. Turns out it would cost more to fix it than to replace it. It has a tiny imperfection in the screen, but that’s okay with us. We’re very grateful to have it. Thank you Nanny and Pops!

Last weekend, Mike and Emily and I went to several stores looking for a TV stand/hutch for it. I really want a hutch so that I can have a place for my knick knacks, but it does not look like that is going to happen. It was very hard to find something that the TV would fit in AND that would fit in our space. I think I have finally resigned myself to picking out a stand instead of a hutch although we will probably wait a while until we go back and pick one out.

I want to re-do the decorations in my living room anyway so maybe I will incorporate some wall shelves/ledges into the room. Mike has offered to get me a cabinet or curio for my decorative pieces, but I don’t know if I want to give up the floor space for something like that. I definitely need a place to put up some pictures and some of my other pretties though. My Mom and my sister Heather are my shopping buddies so I’ll have to invite them up/over soon.

This weekend, we’re supposed to get our HD receiver installed by our satellite provider. Mike tried to sell me on the deal by telling me that I would be able to watch Big Brother in HD this summer. Sorry, but I saw right through that little gig. ha!

I will be excited to try out the Wii on the big television. It was quite hard to see what was going on with that very small TV. Obviously, most Wii games were made for bigger screens. And I think I have said it, but I will said it again … I would really like it if someone would make a Wii Step (Step Aerobics) game/workout. Call me crazy, but I think step aerobics is a lot of fun. Okay, and it’s good for you too!


Friday 26th of June 2009

I have a Wii Fit and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Step Aerobics game on it, but the "routine" only lasts a few minutes.

I have even tried the "Free Step" setting where you can watch tv or whatever as you step on and off. But that gets boring after a few minutes.

I want something that runs for thirty minutes or more and has some good tunes with it. Part of what makes the Step Aerobics game fun is seeing if you can get the steps perfectly on the beat.

Do you use the Wii Fit very much? What's your favorite game on it?


Thursday 25th of June 2009

Have you tried the Wii Fit? It has a step portion to it?


Saturday 20th of June 2009

Congrats on your new addition. Have a great weekend friend! =)