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Graceland Tour

Graceland Tour

Today was our Graceland Tour day. Mike said we couldn’t go to Graceland until we visited the place where Elvis’ career got started – Sun Studio. So we got up (relatively) early and headed over to Graceland this morning. But … first things first .. breakfast! We found a Krispy Kreme near Graceland and pulled in for a doughnut. Yum-O! I have been wanting one of those for so long and it was worth it.

We walked over to the tour center to purchase our tickets and wait for the bus to take us over to the mansion and grounds. We were in hour 9, group 8 and we had to wait about 40 minutes for our turn. Who knew that it would take so long?

But we finally got our tour headphones and made it over to the house.

The home has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

We got to go inside the house and look around on the lower level. The picture below is from the front rooms. The stained glass is so pretty. We got to go through the dining room, kitchen, basement, jungle room, etc.

We also went outside and toured a few other buildings. Some of them were more like museums that housed Elvis’s gold records and memorabilia from his life and career.

I enjoyed seeing some of his outfits that he wore. See the eagle on the back of the jumpsuit below?

This tiger one was pretty fancy too. They had a lot of information about his acting career too.
Last stop on the mansion tour was the meditation garden. This is where the graves of Elvis and his family reside.

Then we went back to the tour center and went through the car museum. I thought this section was really neat. They had signs that described when Elvis had these cars and how he used them.

Of course, the pink Cadillac is one of the most well known of Elvis’ cars.

We also got to tour Elvis’ airplanes. This is a picture of the smaller plane. I forgot to take a picture of the big one, but it was very fancy inside.

We ate lunch at one of the restaurants at the Graceland tour center. It was a very cute place set up like a 50’s diner.
This afternoon, we visited Bass Pro Shop and looked around at some shops around Memphis. We ended up eating dinner at a really good restaurant called Chow Time. The guy at the hotel actually told us about this place when we checked into our hotel. He said it served “stick to your ribs” food. Turns out, it’s a buffet and grill that serves Chinese food and country cooking. Sounds weird, but they had good food.