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Prayer Requests

Tonight, I’m coming to you with a few prayer requests.

Heather Chandler – Heather is a friend of mine from high school. She was diagnosed with appendix cancer a few months ago and is currently undergoing treatments. She is only thirty years old and has two adorable children. Please pray for Heather to keep her energy and recover quickly from the chemo treatments while the cancer is destroyed! You can visit her website @ or her Facebook group @ A Prayer For Heather Chandler.

Kennedy Grace – Comedian Kenn Kington came to speak at our church last sunday. He told about his young daughter’s battle with ALL Leukemia. She recently completed treatments. Please pray that she’ll remain cancer-free. You can visit her website @

Kate McRae – Five-year-old Kate was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and just started chemo treatments yesterday. Please pray that she will have minimal side effects from the treatments and that the treatments will totally eliminate the cancer cells. For the type of cancer that she’s battling, it’s important that the surgery and chemo gets rid of every single cancer cell. You can visit her website @ or her Facebook Group @ Pray for Kate McRae.

If you have any other prayer requests (related to illness or anything else), please post them in the comments or email them to me at and I will try to get them posted. I pray that God will use THIS BLOG to His Glory and to bring people closer to Him.

My God is bigger than cancer!