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Refreshed and Renewed

Tonight after supper, Emily and I went outside to water the flowers. I inadvertently forgot about my plants while I was away on vacation and so they are all looking pretty sad right now. All the daylilys have lots of yellow leaves on them, smallish flowers. Even the sweet potato vine was withered and near death.

Emily used her watering can to help me water some of the flowers and then we played in the sprinkler. Emily got soaking wet and had a blast. When we were getting ready to go inside, I put the still-running water hose in the flower bed. I turned around to gather up our stuff and Emily picks up the hose and turns it on me!

Just like the water refreshes and renews the flowers, my vacation has refreshed and renewed my spirit. It has really helped me be more patient and just enjoy spending more time with my family.

We should do that more often. (Just not in Memphis!)