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Twenty First Century

Over the past few months, Mike and I have been working on getting up to speed for the 21st Century. Our latest improvement is a DVR. The dish company came out today to hook it up for us. We’ve already paused live TV and fast forwarded through commercials.

Next step is to set it up to record the season premiere of Big Brother on Thursday night. Since we’re kidless this week, we can’t promise that we’ll be at home to watch it. And I really don’t want to miss it! I look forward to this show every summer and I’m so glad it’s finally starting!

Besides all the excitement with the new DVR, we’ve got a lot of things going on this week as we try to get our plans for this week off the ground. We do have something special planned. We haven’t been out and about as a couple in a long time so I hope our plans work out.

And I just want to say … I am SO glad Jillian finally sent Wes home on the Bachelorette tonight. It was so painful to watch him deceiving her week after week after week. I promise you I will never ever buy one of his records. He is so crooked and deceitful. Just disgusting!