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First Day of School

It’s official – my little girl is now a preschooler.

This morning, Emily woke up ready and excited about the first day of school. She ate Capt’n Crunch for breakfast and then she watched me make her turkey sandwich. She requested a heart-shaped sandwich, which I happily made.

After breakfast and lunch-making, she got dressed. In case you were wondering, she picked her own outfit last night. It’s a size 5 so it was a little too big. The pants were a little bit too long. She also wanted to wear some bright pink shoes, but they got vetoed once I realized how bright pink and plastic they looked on her little feet.

Really, she had been wanting to wear this outfit on the first day of school since I bought it over a month ago. It’s sorta a soft slinky fabric and I think she likes that.

We looked through her backpack one more time to make sure she had everything she would need for the first day. Her Nanny got her name embroidered on her bag last week and it turned out SO cute.

As we were getting everything gathered up, Emily said “Lets go!” That’s when I knew she would be just fine at school! So we got all her supplies and her backpack and her lunchbox and we drove to school. Well, Mike drove … he went with us.
We went into her classroom and she sat at her desk and started playing blocks with the other children. I signed up to bring snacks next Monday. Mrs. Standley took her nap mat and her supplies and put them away for us. Then I asked Emily if she was ready for us to go and she said yes. So we kissed her bye and off we went.
Mike and I both headed off to work. I left work in time to go pick up Emily at about 2:45 pm. She can be picked up as late as 2:55 pm, but they like for the little kids to get out of there before the bigger kids are let out at 3:15.

When we were leaving the school, Emily told her teacher that she would come back tomorrow. Ha! Overall, I think it was a successful day of school.

And we’ll do it all again tomorrow.
I think Emily is really going to love school!


Friday 14th of August 2009

Awww, does that make you sad?!? She looks so pretty in that outfit and I love the sandwhich that you made for her (lol). Do you have a little cutter for that? Too sweet. Oh, it makes me think that soon Cameron will be going off to preschool and I will be bawling like some baby (lol).