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Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!

Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!

Today is Mike’s aunt’s birthday. I am sure she wouldn’t mind me telling you that she’s 68 years young today. I mean I didn’t have to tell you, but you would have seen the number on the picture of the cake anyway.

We went out to Vickie’s house on Saturday night for Aunt Pat’s birthday party. The kids have been planning a variety show for us. They made us show tickets and programs and everything.

Madison and Sarah sang a couple songs.

Emily was not too keen on singing the songs that she had practiced. In her defense, she had not been feeling well the last few days.

Mason was a total show-off. He sang several songs for us.

Madison and Sarah even brought some props. We tried to tell Sarah that her cowgirl hat was on backwards, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Bobby cooked us some really good burgers and we had lots of veggies from their garden. We had cake and Vickie made my 4-layer delight recipe that I posted the other week. It was really good! If you didn’t try it, you can go here and get the recipe.