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Lots of Little Bits

Sorry about the lack of blog updates, we have been really busy this week.
Emily’s first week of school went very well. They have been working on cutting with scissors and tracing lines. I guess that’s to help get the kids ready for writing letters. And really, it’s a smart idea if you ask me.
On Monday, Emily got to bring snacks for the whole class. They have a rotating snack schedule. We can bring anything we’d like as long as it’s a healthy snack. Some of her examples were fruit, crackers, and gummy fruit snacks. We chose some Rice Krispie treats. Not sure if that’s exactly a “healthy snack”, but it’s got to be at least as good as fruit snacks. Wouldn’t you agree?
Despite the good first week, we’ve hit a few tiny bumps in the road. One day, she forgot to give her lunch money to her teacher. Another day, she forgot to bring her lunch box home from school. Today, she came home and said that the teacher knocked her down on the playground. She’s fine and she said it was an accident. She didn’t even tell me about it until I asked her why she had dirt all over her arms this evening.
One afternoon the school called me to ask what school district we live in. (We had requested a transfer to this school last spring.) The lady said that when we registered Emily for school, they had not submitted the transfer paperwork to the other school. It was fine and it will not prevent Emily from going to school there, but they were going to have to submit the paperwork for the transfer. Everything turned out okay, but it’s never fun getting a phone call from the school!
I find that it takes a lot of time and energy to be organized for school. I am always a little worried that I am going to forget something or that something is not going to go as planned. I think most of that is just being a first-time school parent. With time, these things should get easier. At least I hope so.
We are also gearing up to begin a new year of Sunday School. I think I’ve mentioned before that Gary and Cherry and I are going to be teaching the three-year-old class during the early hour of Sunday School. It was really time for a change in that class and we are excited about all the things we are going to do this year.
Mike and Emily and I went to Mardel’s last weekend to look around and see if they had any supplies that I needed/wanted for Sunday School. I was looking for a Bible story book that had cute pictures to go along with the stories. I found one that would work perfectly and it also had two CD’s with songs that related to each of the stories. Mike also found some felt Bible story pieces that I could use to tell the story. They were sooo cute, but I thought they were too expensive.

We have already started rearranging and redecorating the classroom and we’ll go up to the church early in the morning to finish up. This Sunday will be our first week with our new boys and girls. Right now, we only have four or five children in our class, but we hope to have more very soon. Emily will be moving up to Aunt Charlene and Nanny’s class. I know she will enjoy this very much.
I have some new pictures to share, but that will have to be another night. For now, I’m headed to bed.