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My Preschooler

My Preschooler

Last night, we went to the Open House at Emily’s school and met her preschool teacher, Mrs. Standley. The teacher seemed really nice and had a cute room. Emily got to see her desk and she got a few goodies from the teacher and the PTA.

Speaking of the PTA, I am now a card-carrying member. I am not entirely sure what purpose this serves, but hopefully I will get some more information soon. We also bought the school t-shirt that the PTA was selling as a fundraiser. The teacher said that they usually try to wear the school shirts on Fridays and when they go on field trips.

When we got home, Emily had to try on her new shirt. I wanted to get a picture, but she was more interested in dancing around and playing.

This morning after breakfast, Emily practiced using her new school scissors while I put her name on all her school supplies. I also sharpened all her pencils. Is that a little overboard?

After that, we made some pink lemonade that’s going to go in Emily’s thermos tomorrow morning. She has requested a turkey sandwich cut into shapes, string cheese, fruit snacks, and pink lemonade. I think I can handle all that.Please pray for us in the morning. I think Emily will be fine. I think I am the one that everyone is worried about. I will be fine! “This too shall pass.” It’s the first day of the rest of our lives!