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The Great State Fair of Oklahoma 2009

The Great State Fair of Oklahoma 2009

This morning after Sunday School, we went out to the State Fair. We found something (Okay, things) for lunch, played some games, then went to see the afternoon performance of Disney on Ice.

After the show, we found us a(nother) snack and then Emily rode the Carousel with Sarah. The poppas got to ride too. Guess it’s just not cool to ride rides at the fair with your mom or dad.

That was about all the fun we could handle for one day. We headed out to find the car and home we went.

I tried to nap, but Emily wanted to color. I guess you know who won.

It was a busy and fun day. We got too much sun and ate too much food, but didn’t have too much fun. Fortunately, the state fair only comes to town once a year.

Until next year … enjoy a few pictures from our fun day.