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Tick Tock Clock

This afternoon, we got Emily settled for her nap and laid down for a bit ourselves. We have a monitor in our bedroom so we listened to her playing and talking and singing for a long while. Eventually, she started calling “Daaaaaddy … Daaaaady … Daddy .. Daddy .. Daddy …”.

Mike went into her room and told her to lay down. She didn’t lay down, but started (fake) crying and fussing instead. He left her room and she started crying “I want my Mama … I want Mama …”. I went in there to “finish the job” and get her to go to sleep. She said she didn’t want to go to sleep and refused to lay down. I punished her and she finally decided to lay down.

As I turned to leave, I noticed her digital alarm clock on her dresser. It said 2:18. I told Emily that she couldn’t call for me again until the first number on the clock said 3. She said she understood and I went back to my bed to begin my siesta.

I hear this strange clicking noise on the monitor and I ask Mike what he thinks that noise might be. He said “I think she’s messing with her alarm clock.” When he said that, I realized it did sound like she was pressing buttons on her clock.

And then she started talking … “Say 3 … Say 3 … Saaay 3!” “H – o – u – r”. *click click click* “M – i – n – u – t – e”. *click click* Ahh! She’s pushing buttons and trying to make the clock say 3!

She worked on that clock for a long time. Luckily (for her), she never got it to say 3 before it actually was 3.