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Best Laid Plans

Last week was a pretty tough week. All the “best laid plans” did not work out as we’d planned. Emily got sick then I got sick then we got flu shots then our “Girls Weekend” was cancelled.

One of our problems this week was that we did not have a working thermometer. We thought Emily felt okay, but we didn’t know if her fever was truly gone. If she still had a low fever, they would likely check her when she went to school and then we’d just be back at the beginning where we started this week.

So one night after work, we went into town to try to find a thermometer. I ran into the drugstore while Mike and Emily waited in the car. I was going to get a forehead scan thermometer since I knew that was what they used at Emily’s school, but they were out of those. The only thing left were the under-the-tongue variety or old fashioned mercury thermometers. I got an 8-second under-the-tongue thermometer and hoped Emily wouldn’t throw a fit over that one.

While I was standing in line to check out, I noticed the drugstore had all their Halloween candy out beside the registers. They had these mixed bags of Reeses candies – Reeses Cups, Reeses Sticks, Reeses Fast Breaks … and my personal favorite … Reeses Pieces. So I grabbed a bag. It was an impulse buy – what can I say?

When I got into the car, I pulled out the bag and said “This bag of candy just jumped into my buggy when I was walking by!” Emily just thought that was soooo funny. We were laughing and talking about how that whole situation might have gone down. “Hey Lady!” “Take me home!” “Hehe, she doesn’t see us in her buggy!” That was a good bag of candy. It made me sick baby girl laugh and laugh.