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Chubby Cubby and his Five Feisty Friends

Tonight at Awana Cubbies, we had five children in our class. As is the case every week this year, we only had one girl. We have one boy who is often very feisty and one girl who is often very loud. Anyway, it’s a good group of kids.

Tonight for snack, we had apples and cereal. A bit of an odd combination, but I digress …

Somehow, I was in charge of cutting up the apples. All of our kids wanted the peeling off the apples .. of course. So I was going to be fancy and cut the apples through the middle to make a star shape on the inside. And in perfect Jennifer style, I cut my finger with the knife on the very first slice.

And the moral of this story is: Do not give a Cubbies teacher a sharp knife. Ever never never!