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Pumpkin Patchin’

Okay, as promised, I uploaded several pictures from our field trip to the pumpkin patch. Emily and her classmates road the school bus – her first time. First, they went to the park and then to the Orr Family Farm.

Getting off the bus at the park. The lady with the camera is the teacher’s assistant.

So excited, but it’s cool and windy
Sliding is always fun

Emily was chasing a little boy around … I kept my eye on him and took his picture then asked Emily who was in the picture – Jaydon, of course!

I was taking a picture of Emily’s teacher taking a picture of Emily. She wanted Emily to sit on the edge of the slide, but other kids kept sliding down.

Who can pass up a turn on the swings? And if you must know, Jaydon was swinging right next to her.

The park had lots of tunnels and monkey bars and some really cool tire swings.

Next, it was time for sack lunches in the park.

Standing in line to get on the bus to the pumpkin patch – Say “Pumpkin!”

All of Emily’s class before they loaded up on the bus

Our first stop was the animal barn. This little old goat was grabbing people’s clothes as they walked by his cage. It was so so crowded in there that I don’t think the kids could see much of the animals.

Then we took a hayride (minus the hay) to the pumpkin patch.

Everyone got to pick a pumpkin. This is Emily and her friend Jaydon comparing pumpkins.

Emily and I also rode the carousel. I didn’t get any pictures of that since I was riding too. Emily rode a pink horse .. I ‘walked’ beside.
I think all the kids had a fun time even though we didn’t get to do as much at the farm as we’d liked.