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Recharging My Batteries

Tonight, I’m recharging my batteries both literally and figuratively.

We’re going to the Punkin’ Patch field trip in the morning so I’ve got to get my camera batteries all charged up. I fully intend to take a lot of pictures of this special event. I have been so bad about posting pictures recently. I need to get some new ones for everyone.

I’m going to spend my evening relaxing and hopefully get a good night’s rest tonight. I’ve had an awful time sleeping this week with all the coughing and the mad stuffy nose. Last night, I took some Benadryl and I was s00000 out of it. I could not keep my eyes open.

I haven’t taken any medication tonight and so I am feeling better. I just hope I can fall asleep and stay asleep tonight.

I will admit that I’m not looking forward to being out in the cool air all day tomorrow with my cough and stuffy nose. I was thinking maybe I should wear a paper mask, but that would probably embarrass my child and freak out her whole class. Lets just pray for a warm day!