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What’s for lunch?

For the last few weeks, Mike has been packing Emily’s lunch for school each morning. He usually fixes her a sandwich with some string cheese and fruit or maybe carrots or something. Sometimes she eats (or throws away?) most of it. Sometimes she does not.

Yesterday, she came home with about 75% of her sandwich, all of her cheese, and all of her fruit still in her lunch box. Mike asked her about this and she said that she did not want Daddy fixing her lunch any more. She said that she wanted to eat in the cafeteria.

So this morning we sent Emily to school with lunch money instead of a lunch box.

This afternoon, she came home and said that she ate a hot dog and coleslaw for lunch. She said her teacher said “Oh Emily, you ate all your lunch!” I don’t know if I believe that part, but I guess we’ll go with this new lunch plan for now.