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Picture Day

Picture Day
Thursday was Picture Day at Emily’s school. I had been trying to find her a pants set to wear for her Pre-K picture – something brightly colored but simple in design. I wanted to find just the right thing because I kept thinking that this will be the first of her “school pictures”.

I have a photo album page that’s filled with all my school pictures in order from kindergarten to high school. I imagine Emily will have something similar too when she gets older. It’s so fun to look back and see how they changed from year to year.

Last weekend, Mike took me and Emily shopping for a picture day outfit. Like I said, I wanted to find a pants outfit for Emily to wear. Well, I didn’t like any of the pants and shirts that the store had, but I found a cute jumper. Do I really want to send my pre-kindergartner to school wearing a jumper? A jumper with a white shirt? “Sure, why not?”
So we got this purple jumper …

… with a white shirt … and white pantyhose. I picked an older pair of tights because I had this feeling that Emily would get a hole in her pantyhose … which she did. BUT … the hole was not nearly as big as I’d imagined … and not nearly as noticeable. I thought they would be ripped to shreds. Ha!

The night before picture day, I showed her the jumper outfit again to confirm that she’d be willing to wear it the next day. (You do remember the whole Halloween costume situation, right?)
She wanted to know if I would be at school when they took her picture. “No”. Will my friends be there for picture day? “Yes” Okay she was good with that answer and she would wear the outfit.
I think she really enjoyed wearing the dress to school. She is really a girly girl. She loves wearing dresses and ruffled shirts and silky nightgowns. She also loves to have her fingernails and toenails painted. She tells me that she doesn’t want anyone looking at her when they are unpainted. She says “I don’t want anyone to see my fingers – they’re naked!”
She likes to pick the color of the polish. And she bosses me around “Mom, this polish is old. You can take off this old polish and then put on a new color.”
Oh the joys of motherhood. Little girls are the best! “Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of.”