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Pregnancy 10 Weeks

For me, the word to describe this week of pregnancy would be FATIGUE. You probably remember that I said I took two naps on Sunday. Well, I would have taken two naps every day this week if I could.

The first day or two of this week were not terrible, but I definitely suffered from a late morning slump followed by a mid-afternoon slump followed by an evening slump. Then later in the week, it was a drive to work slump, a late morning slump, a mid afternoon slump, and an evening slump. Today was truly a full day slump. One of the hardest things for me to do is look at someone while they are talking. My eyes feel like they are just rolling around in my head as I try to force them to stay open and focused on the person in front of me. “If I could just close my eyes for one minute, I might be okay here.”

And tomorrow – I can’t imagine what tomorrow would be like. Except that I won’t be at work tomorrow and I may be able to take a nap tomorrow, if Mike will let me! It’s his birthday and I think he may have lots of things planned. Maybe I could convince him to take a nap with me. Ha!

Besides the fatigue, baby and I are doing good. (Even with the fatigue, it’s still good!)

I am still taking the progesterone supplements. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned that on the blog before. My ob/gyn started me on progesterone supplements after blood tests indicated that I had low progesterone. At 4-5 weeks pregnant, my progesterone was 9 and then dropped to 8.5. Generally, you want to see a number higher than 10 at that point in the pregnancy. And you want to see the numbers rising, not falling.

I will be able to stop the progesterone after 12 weeks of pregnancy. By that time, the placenta will be fully formed and will take over the progesterone production. And until that point … I’ll just keep taking the progesterone supplements (200 mg) and laying down for 20-30 minutes twice a day … every day. Not that I’m complaining about laying down. At all.

Lisa ~ Prims From Above

Saturday 23rd of January 2010

Glad to hear that you and baby are doing well. Great news that they have you on progesterone supplements. I am sure that is reassuring to know that they found that and are keeping an eye on it. Better to be safe - ya know?

Anyway, rest up this weekend and take care of yourself and that sweet baby.