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Second Chance for Dell

Last Friday when I was home with Emily, I called Dell up again to see why they had no cancelled my order after my first call.

I called in the middle of the day and didn’t have to wait long to get through to a live person. I probably waited less than 5 minutes after all the annoying “commercials” finished playing.

The lady said she saw that I had called before, but could I “tell her again why I wanted to cancel”? Yes, I want to cancel because you didn’t send my order when you said you would.

Dell customer service lady: Oh, so the problem is with the delivery date, no? I can get you over to someone who can help with the delivery date …

Me: No … please … I want to cancel my order. I don’t want the machine any more.

Dell customer service lady: Okay, well I will have to email another department to ask them to process the cancel of your order.

Me: That’s what the last person said when I called before and it was never cancelled. What is different this time?

Dell customer service lady: Maybe they did not get the message. I will email them right now. Please hold. Okay. I have emailed them and your order will be cancelled in 24-48 business hours.

Okay so 24-48 business hours from now, my order should be cancelled. Business hours? I wonder how many Dell business hours are in a calendar day? 8 business hours in a day? So in the next 4-8 days my order should be cancelled? Is this a game?

I will give them their 4-8 days, but I expect it to be cancelled this time or there will be no more Ms. Nice-Guy. Err, Ms. Nice-Girl. Err, whatever. It better get cancelled this time!