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Show and Tell

Emily’s Pre-K class started doing Show-and-Tell in January. If it’s your day to bring snacks for the class, then it’s your day to show and tell. Unfortunately, Emily missed her first Pre-K Show-and-Tell day last Friday when she was home sick with the stomach bug.

Her teacher let her bring her Show-and-Tell item this week when she got back to school. Emily knew immediately what she wanted to bring to share with her class. She wanted to take an ultrasound picture of the baby.

I agreed to let her take the picture, but I secretly prayed that she wouldn’t say anything totally embarrassing. And I do have reason to worry about something like that because she has said some pretty funny things about the baby situation in the last few weeks.

The teacher asked us parents to make sure the children were able to talk about whatever item they brought for Show-and-Tell. This morning before school, I was sorta quizzing Emily about the baby – where the baby was in the picture, when baby would be here, etc. She said “Mom, why are you asking me all of this? I just want to take the picture with me!”

She is one girl who is not afraid to say what she thinks.

This afternoon, she would not tell us much about what happened at Show-and-Tell. She just said that she showed her picture and one of her friends said the picture was beautiful.

She obviously does not feel the need to share a bunch of details. “It happened. It’s done. That’s all.” *grin*