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Slow Saturday

Today has been a low-key day for us. Emily woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning and then we just relaxed and played around the house most of the day.

Late this afternoon, we did bundle up and go out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I had the ribs, Emily had a loaded sweet potato, and Mike had the chicken tenders. Yep, we went to a steak house and nobody had steak. The chicken was good though. I tried some. And Mike ate half of my ribs, at my request.

Truth be told, there was something weird in the ribs – it had the texture of a pig knuckle, I guess. I don’t really know what texture a pig’s knuckle might be. In any case, I was happy to share my ribs with Mike tonight.

After we left Roadhouse, we went to pickup my prescription at the pharmacy. I had asked my ob/gyn to write me a prescription for chewable prenatal vitamins. I’m going to be real with you all. I’d been having a really hard time swallowing the (large, pink, aromatic) vitamins that I take every day.

Really, I’d been having a hard time swallowing any pills. They feel like they get stuck in my throat every time. Mike calls it “pill phobia” and I’m not disagreeing, but it is still hard to swallow them.

I’ve tried several things to make the pills easier to swallow – drinking milk with them, drinking a pop with them, putting them in applesauce, putting them in pudding, buttering the pills and cutting the pills into smaller pieces.

The chewable vitamins are going to be a lot easier for me to take. AND the prescription chewables are covered by our insurance and they are going to end up being cheaper than the over the counter vitamins. Sweet!

I love it when things work out as they should.