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Snow Day! Err Days!

Snow Day!  Err Days!

Mike and Emily and I were all snowed in at home on Thursday and Friday. Emily’s school was closed both days. Our workplaces were open, but it was too dangerous to travel there.

On Thursday, we got mostly freezing rain and sleet. On Friday, we got lots of snow. I think we ended up with about 5 1/2 inches of snow at our house.

We didn’t go outside until Friday night. When we did go out, Emily and I went out in our pajamas and our snow boots (a very good reason I am not in any of these pictures.) I did take several pictures around our house, but I’m having a hard time getting them to upload tonight.

This is actually the first night we’ve had a consistent internet connection. Since Thursday, the internet has been off and on, mostly off!

This afternoon, Mike went outside and got all the snow and ice off the front steps. He worked on getting the snow and ice off the car too, but I’m not sure if he got completely finished. We hope to be able to make it to church in the morning. I don’t know how many kids we will have because of the messy roads. It did not even get above freezing today so anything left on the road will refreeze tonight.

It will be nice to get out of the house tomorrow – to actually fix my hair, to put on some makeup, to put on something besides sweats and pink house shoes. I have enjoyed all the naps and the rest, but I am not accustomed to staying home so long.

We have had a good time being together though. We played board games, watched some TV, played Nintendo, did some cleaning, got caught up on laundry, and got as much rest as we could.

Well the pictures finally uploaded so here they are. Some of them are a little out of order, but this is what it looked like at our house this week.


Sunday 31st of January 2010

Yes, I am watching it. I like Miss Tennessee.


Sunday 31st of January 2010

Well this one accidentally posted when I was trying to upload some pics. Having a hard time getting them to upload to blogger tonight.

I haven't posted because our internet has been spotty at best this week. Today is the first day it has worked consistently.

Are you watching Miss America tonight?


Sunday 31st of January 2010

Ummm...don't know what this post is all about. Did you not update your blog all week because you knew I was out of town? Well, I am back now so you can start updating again.