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Back At ‘Em

Emily’s coughing was better last night so we went ahead and sent her to school today. She was really ready to see her friends. Unfortunately, her friend Jaydon was not there today. She said she thinks he was sick. She did good on her first day back. I was afraid she would be worn out by this afternoon, but she seemed fine.

Tonight after supper, we snuggled and read some books to the baby. That is much better than watching TV or doing the laundry.

Tomorrow is my 12 weeks OB appointment. Please pray that everything goes well. This is the week that I stopped the progesterone supplements. I have not had any problems or anything, but I am still a little nervous about the appointment.

Sorry this is so short, but I am really tired. It’s only about 8:15, but I am more than ready for bed. I can just see my sister sadly shaking her head, but this is what happens when you get old .. and pregnant. Ha!