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Back At ‘Em, Almost

While nearly all the metro schools had yet another snow day today, Emily’s school was back in session. Emily, however, did not get to go to school because she has been coughing and stuffy the last couple days. She got to go spend the day with Nanny and Pops.

This afternoon, I got the weekly email from Emily’s teacher. It said they only had 10 children in their class today. I’m guessing that’s mostly because the parents either didn’t know school was back in or they didn’t want to risk it with their kids.

We’re still unsure about whether she’ll be ready to go back to school tomorrow or not. If tonight is anything like last night as far as the amount of coughing, then she probably will not go. Last night, it seemed like she coughed half the night. I would be just about to drift off to sleep and suddenly her barking cough would erupt into the room through the baby monitor. Several times, it was so loud that I jumped.

I was so so sleepy today at work. I really wanted to close my eyes for just-a-second. But I just couldn’t do that. Tonight, it’s 8:15 and I’m already seriously considering heading to bed. Except that the coughing is still going on tonight. And I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.