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Boy or Girl?

Boy or Girl?

So sorry about the lack of pictures last night. I worked on the new printer/scanner for a couple hours last night and a couple hours this morning. But we finally got the thing working on all three PC’s at our house.

I scanned a few of the ultrasound pics for you. Heather calls these “alien baby pictures” so I am SURE she will enjoy them! Ha!

I tried to mark which end is up in all the pictures so that you would be able to figure out what you’re looking at.

While you’re looking through these, see if you can figure out if it’s a boy or a girl. When you’re finished looking, go back to the top of the blog and vote for your guess on the poll. I can’t wait to see what everyone guesses!

It was hard to get all of baby in one shot because he/she was very wiggly.

He was using his legs to push up. Look at him digging in those heels!The one below is a little hard to read. It says “legs crossed, pointing up”.Baby kept rolling away from us, arms and legs going all over the place.
One of the cutest little heads I have every seen.

Boy or girl, I am definitely in love!!!
So which one do you think we’re having? Go vote in the poll and let us know whether we need to buy pink or blue.


Sunday 7th of February 2010

I told you I didn't mind looking at your alien baby pictures.