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Happy 60th Birthday, Wanda!

For the last few weeks, Mike and Emily and I have been helping plan a surprise party for Nanny’s 60th birthday. It was going to be a 50’s party since she was born in 1950.

We found a place online that sells cute 50’s poodle skirt outfits for the little girls. In case you were wondering, we got them from Hip Hop 50’s Shop.

We had a couple cakes. Cherry’s sister-in-law made this adorable, pink 50’s inspired cake.

We had a spread of sweets that included two cakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, pretzels, cookies and “hamburger cookies”.

Nanny actually ordered her own birthday cake from a local bakery … but we changed to order to a much smaller cake. I believe it was an almond cake with chocolate icing.

I made the hamburger cookies. If you’re interested, I’ll post the no-bake “recipe” another day.

We had lots of other good food too – chips and dips, veggies with dip, tortilla roll-ups, little smokies, sausage balls, cheese ball and crackers (my personal fave), rotel dip, spinach dip and lots more. All the kiddos were dressed up so cute. The girls had their cat eye glasses with rhinestones. Mason had some Elvis glasses with some hip and cool sideburns.

I loved the color of Emily’s poodle skirt. It was pretty in pink, just like her. I was very surprised, but she wore her scarf and cat eye glasses almost all night.

Wanda and Gary and their guests were supposed to be home around 7pm so we moved the cars up and down the street and turned off all the lights in the house. It seemed like forever, but they were soon home and pulling into the garage. They came into the dark house and we all yelled “Surprise!”.

Poor Nanny was in the kitchen when we yelled at her and she jumped halfway across the room. When someone turned on the light, she was so surprised to see about 30 people in her house.

Despite the surprise, she was really happy to see everyone and deemed it “the best birthday ever!!!”

After the guest of honor arrived, everyone got to visit some more and we had some awesome entertainment in the form of some song and dance numbers.

And then everyone decided to join in on the dancing fun – first the young ones.

And then the not-so-young ones.

But really, everyone had a great time.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Happy Birthday Wanda!!!!!!!


Thursday 25th of February 2010

I would love to know the hamburger cookie recipe. Those are too cute


Thursday 18th of February 2010

I heard my sister say that this was the best birthday party she had ever had. The party was soooo much fun and the food, cake, bottle pop was out of this world. You all did a great job and thank you all for giving my sister a great birthday!!!!!!Love you all,Aunt Charlene