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Nothing New

I don’t think I have anything new to report today. The doors on my car and Mike’s car were frozen shut this morning. I hate it when that happens. I’m always afraid I’ll pull the handle too hard and it will break off in my hand! Oh how horrible!

Other than that, work is busy. We have lots of vistors this week and lots of meetings.

The weather was nicer today. It was actually sunny most of the day. We have not seen the sun like this in many weeks.

Emily’s teacher announced their spring field trip today. They are going to a “Max and Ruby” theater show. (In case ya didn’t know, Max and Ruby is a cartoon involving a bunny named Max and his big bunny sister Ruby. And for the record, it’s a little concerning to me that Max and Ruby’s parents are never seen or heard. Ruby puts Max to bed. Ruby bosses Max around. Ruby gives Max a bath. You occasionally see Grandma or some friends, but no parents. Why? I do not understand this and I am not comfortable with this scenario.)

Anyway, the field trip will be later in the spring, but they are trying to find out how many people will be going with the class so that they can get tickets. It sound be a fun field trip for the kids.