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One More Snow Day

I just looked online at the school closings list and found out that Emily’s school is closed for a snow day again tomorrow.

Emily doesn’t know this yet, but I think she will be a little disappointed. She has been missing her little friends. She’ll miss learning about “Mr. M” too. They were supposed to learn about him tomorrow, but she already knows a lot about him. She and Mike talk about Mr. M and sing the song a lot.

I am sure Mr. M will be there as soon as she gets back to school. And so will her friends.

Happy Birthday

In other news, we celebrated Gary Jr’s (Mike’s brother) birthday this afternoon. Mike’s mom made a delicious “Mexican buffet” lunch and we had angel food cake with fruit (and ice cream) for dessert. Lots of people showed up for cake and fruit and ice cream even though the weather was bad outside. We enjoyed getting to visit with everyone and celebrating Gary’s birthday.