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Stuck in the Mud

Well this morning started out with a bang.

When I went out to my car to go to work, it was stuck in the ice and snow in the driveway. I got ready to drive off and it wouldn’t do anywhere. I put the car into reverse and it still didn’t work.

I got out and fetched the shovel and dug out the snow and ice from around the front and back tires. Then I got back in and tried to go again. No luck! The tire just started spinning and mud was flying everywhere. Oh what a mess!

Next, I tried rocking back and forth, but that didn’t work. Does that even work? I don’t know, but it came to mind and so I tried it.

Kitty litter came to my mind next, but we don’t have a cat. So I went and got the ice melt and sprinkled that in the mud behind the front tires. Then I tried backing up, but nothing happened. Then I turned my steering wheel the other way and the car shot backwards! I was out and I was free!

I slowly turned around and off I went. I got to work about 40 minutes late, but it was okay. At least I made it.