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16 Weeks – Dr Visit

This morning, I went to my 16 week Dr appointment. Baby Smith was an uncooperative little thing today. He kept moving away from the Doppler when we were trying to hear the heartbeat. The nurse tried and then the doctor tried, but neither could get him. We could hear him moving. (It sounds like a loud WOOP on the Doppler, kinda like a record when it scratches.)

So we went down to the ultrasound room to take a peek. And to my surprise, he was being uncooperative again. He was laying sideways right around my belly button and he kept pulling his legs up to his chest, sorta like he was curled up into a ball. He was moving all over, but we really couldn’t see much. Couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl and couldn’t get any pics.

We’ll go back in a couple weeks for another ultrasound scan. We were scheduled to go back in a couple weeks for the ultrasound anyway so this scan today was just a little bonus.

Everything looked good. The heartbeat sounded good although I forgot to ask how fast it was. I had my “quad screen” blood test done today too. It tests for the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities like Downs Syndrome or things like spina bifida. It’s an optional test. We had it done with Emily and it made us feel so much better when it came back normal. Hopefully this one will as well.

Well, Emily and I are headed out of town to visit my sister and brother-in-law after school today. It will be a fun trip full of shopping and family. Or maybe family and shopping. Either way, it’s girls weekend and we will have a great time.

Okay I better go pack before I go pick up Emily from school. Hope you have a great weekend!