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Daylight Savings

Well, we saved some daylight today, but it sure was hard. It was hard to get out of bed this morning in time for Sunday School. It must have been hard for a lot of other people as well because we only had one little boy in our Sunday School class.

After church, we went to lunch with Mike’s parents and Madison. We had a nice lunch and a good visit. The weather was not as warm as expected today. When we came out of church, it was misting a little bit and pretty cool.

This afternoon, we came home and took naps. I told Emily that if she took a good nap, we could go outside and play later in the afternoon. Unfortunately, she never took her nap today. I think I am the only one who ended up taking a nap.

Emily didn’t get to go outside (and she was very upset about this), but I went out and worked in the flower beds for a few minutes. We have a few daffodils blooming and some blue vinca. I hope I didn’t hurt them when I was raking out the flower beds.

I saw a lot of other things that needed to be taken care of outside, but I could only stay out there a few minutes with Emily throwing a huge fit inside. I came back into the house to find her fully dressed for outside play, including her socks and shoes. Poor thing – she should have taken her nap.

She quickly forgot about playing outside as soon as I asked her if she wanted to help me make some brownies. It took us a long time to whip them up, but they turned out really good. After the brownies were in the oven, I made some chicken tenders and mashed potatoes while Emily played in the sink. By the time we were done, I was so so tired.

I was worried about how Emily would be able to fall asleep with her room being so well-lit because of daylight savings time, but she actually went right to sleep. I hope that trend continues over the next few weeks.