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Girls Weekend 2010

Last weekend, Emily and I went to visit my sister for Girl’s Weekend. This is something we try to do every year. My mom comes up and we have a great time.

At first it was “just the three of us”. Then Emily came along and there were four. Then Heather married Stephen and there were five. I mean he’s obviously not a girl, but he lives there and we spend lots of time with him too. Sometimes he even takes us shopping, as was the case this year.

Will there be six next year? That’s still yet to be seen.

Besides the shopping, we usually spend some time at a local park playing on the equipment and talking the trails.

Sometimes Emily needs a little help on the equipment, but that seems to be getting less and less each year.
She was a lot more adventurous this year. There was nothing she couldn’t do!

We didn’t get to stay long at the park and so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I normally do. We still had a good time though.
Good food. Good friends. Good times.
Baby Update

My doctor’s office called on Monday to let me know the date and time of my ultrasound appointment. I’m going to a different office that has the best of the best equipment so they had to get the appointment set up for me. Well, it turns out that my appointment is not for another 3 weeks! Waaah!

I received some paperwork in the mail from the new office today and it said I can bring a blank DVD and they will record some of my ultrasound for me. That’s so cool. I’m definitely doing that. I can’t wait to see it and find out for sure if we’re having a boy or girl.
Parting Shot
I wanted to leave you with one last picture from our weekend in AR. It’s kinda hard to see, but do you see anyone that you know sitting on one of those park benches at the outdoor mall?
They are such good buddies!