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It’s a …

Finally, after many weeks of waiting, we found out today that Baby Smith is a BOY!!!!

We’re thrilled to find out that we’re having a boy although we would have been just as happy if baby turned out to be a girl.

We thought we were going to have a 3D/4D ultrasound today, but it turned out to be a traditional 2D ultrasound. That was fine though. We were able to see lots of baby’s parts and everything looked perfectly normal. That was a big relief and a huge praise.

The ultrasound tech recorded our scans on a DVD for us. When we found out that it was a boy, I asked Emily what she thought and she said “it’s alright”. Then when the real doctor came in, she said it was “more than alright! It was good!”

She said she changed her mind and he can sleep in her room. I told her we would have to fix his room up for him and pick out some new sheets for his bed. She said she would help me. She’s got it all figured out!

She was telling the doctor all about the things we were going to have to teach him. She thinks he might not know his numbers yet and he might get his “ones and his two’s mixed up”. The doctor said this baby was definitely going to be born with two mothers. Yes, that’s so true!

The doctor was very nice. He was a lot more laid back than I imagined he might be. I asked him if that was anything I could do to prevent the high blood pressure issues that I had with Emily. He said there is nothing proven to work, but fortunately the problem usually starts later with the second pregnancy and it’s less severe. I’m hoping to avoid the problems altogether!

This doctor (an expert in Maternal-Fetal medicine) is totally on board with continuing the metformin throughout my pregnancy. My ob/gyn agrees with this, but she pretty much left the decision up to me. It was nice to get confirmation from another doctor that this is a good choice.

We’re just thrilled that everything is good with Mama and Daddy’s little boy!


Tuesday 30th of March 2010

Hey Mike, Jennifer and Emily.


God is so good. He is blessing your family with a SON. One to carry the Smith name to the next generation. That is just wonderful.

I bet you have decided on his name. I know you are picking out an bibical name. We are so excited for you.

Miss Emily will be a good little mommie and sister. I know she is excited.

Take care and congratulation again,We love you,Aunt Charlene and Uncle Ralph


Tuesday 30th of March 2010

CONGRATULATIONS!! Ahhhh, you will love a little boy, but then again I know no different (lol). Anyway, can't wait to see pics of him.

Take care of yourself!!