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Quad Screen Results and Embarrassing Moments

First things first … I called all week to get the results of my quad screen blood work. On Friday, I finally got an answer and found out that everything came back normal. This was a big relief and a big praise. I was glad to get the results before the weekend.

We’re still over two weeks away from our next ultrasound. We’re so ready to see this little kiddo again. He or she is moving a lot these days and that’s so fun.

In Other News …

I’ve been feeling under the weather since we got home from our trip last weekend. I’ve had that sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, stuffy headed feeling all week. I went to work every day, but I was just not feeling well. And that was the source of my embarrassing moments. Lets just say … sneezing is not a pregnant girl’s best friend. So. not. fun. And it’s especially not fun when it happens several times a day.

Fortunately, Emily did not end up getting sick. Unfortunately, Mike did end up getting sick. I feel bad for him because this is one of those things that just hangs around for days on end.

Speaking of Emily, she’s on spring break next week. I know she will miss her friends, but she will enjoy doing some different things for a week. And when she gets back to school, we have lots of things coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll be dressing up like a letter person, bringing filled plastic eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt, going on a field trip, and … I can’t remember what the other things are. This is not good since it’ll be my responsibility to get all these things done. I hope I have it all written down somewhere.

Just a reminder …

Don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour before you go to bed tonight! I noticed tonight that the clock in my bathroom didn’t “fall back” last fall so it’s already ready for daylight savings time. Slightly embarrassing.