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Wednesday Thankfulness

Today, I’m thankful that we’re not having Cubbies tonight. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Cubbies class and I love spending time with them every week. But it’s very nice to have a break every once in a while.

I really wanted pizza today (Hmmm, pregnancy craving?) so we went out to dinner to find some pizza tonight. We drove over to the pizza place and it was packed! They had half the parking lot blocked off and had a big party going outside. And, to me, a big party = a big wait = not fun for a pregnant lady.

So we kept going on down the road hoping to find something good to eat. We ended up at a little diner and the food was not good tonight! I felt so sorry for our waitress because she was no less than 80 years old. She did a good job although she had a bit of a hard time hearing me.

Feeling Green

This year, Emily is really into St. Patrick’s Day and wearing green. Last night, she had to make sure she was wearing green before she went to bed so that she wouldn’t be pinched this morning. She wore a shirt with green gumballs on it today. So that meant that I had to find something green to wear too. No way I want her pinching me!